Saskatchewan Physicians

Saskatchewan Physicians

In 2023, we setup an insurance program to provide insurance services to Saskatchewan Physicians with a focus on cost, quality and benefits.

Have you enrolled for these discounts?

Disability insurance – 20% discount
Purchase up to $30,000 per month of disability coverage with a guaranteed annual premium discount. Policies are issued an own occupation definition of disability, a cost of living adjustment, a future income option, HIV Hepatitis B&C protection, and a conversion to long term care coverage.

Critical Illness Insurance
Receive a tax-free lump sum payment over and above your monthly disability payment after the onset of a critical medical problem such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke, MS, etc. If you do not claim, you may elect the refund of premium option and get back up to 100% of the premiums paid.

Term life insurance – 25% Cost savings
Physicians can apply for up to $2,000,000 of term life insurance

Whole life insurance – 6.25% dividend interest rate
Whole life insurance is an asset accumulation, estate, and retirement planning vehicle. It is designed to enhance the cash value in a long-term dividend interest rate asset class while providing guaranteed increasing cash value and permanent life insurance.

Whole life insurance is an excellent planning tool for those who are saving money inside their corporation and it is one of the only asset classes that allows tax-free asset accumulation. 


We Save Physicians Money on their insurance.

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