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Life insurance as an asset class

There are five reasons clients use participating whole life as an asset class.

  • Tax free growth. Similar to an RSP, money inside a whole life policy is deemed by Revenue Canada to be tax-exempt and therefore grows tax free.
  • Performance. The current dividend interest rate as of April 2023 with Sun Life whole life insurance is 6.25%
  • Asset allocation. For example, with the Sun life Par plan, Sun life is the third largest debt provider in North American investing in Hospitals, Bridges and Roads making its asset allocation conservative with a history of robust performance in a participating insurance policy which means by law, the insurer must return 97.5% of the profit of the insurance portfolio to its policy holders (you).
  • Diversification. Perhaps most important is the fact that the traditional investment portfolio of stocks and bonds is no longer working and whole life is an alternative asset class.
  • Guarantees. With participating whole life, every year you get a policy statement the cash value and estate benefit value are guaranteed. Unlike your regular investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) which fluctuate year by year, every year dividends are paid in, these values guaranteed and vested.


Watch this video to understand how your corporation can use life insurance as an asset class

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