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Long term care insurance

Long term care insurance protects you against medical illnesses and the financial impact that prolonged medical attention may have on your ability to conduct your daily activities and the associated financial consequences. As a Physician, you are acutely aware that you cannot foresee a potential health problem and the associated cost of care. Most people want the freedom to make their own choices about their health care needs with the desire to maintain their independence so that they are not a burden on their spouse/family in the future.

In the event of a cognitive impairment or the inability to complete two or more activities of daily living, your full benefit amount will be paid tax-free to help you cover the cost of care.  The maximum available amount is  currently $2,300 per week or just over $9,000 per month and you can add an inflation protector that will increase this benefit amount while on claim. Long-term care insurance helps pay for a crippling expense without depleting your financial resources. This is available with no medical visit from a doctor or nurse.

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Levine Financial Group has worked with 19 Ontario Medical Associations and Hospitals where we negotiated a discount of 25% on disability insurance, 10% on critical illness insurance, cost savings on term life insurance. The current dividend rate on whole life insurance is 6.0%.

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