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Levine Financial Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nicola Wealth.

About Nicola Wealth

For nearly 30 years, Nicola Wealth has been one of Canada’s fastest growing, independent wealth management firms, providing tailored and holistic planning, diversified private investments, and an elevated client experience. They are a Platinum Club member of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies, have been recognized for six straight years as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, and John Nicola (Chairman & CEO) has been awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Pacific Region in both 2011 and 2022. Learn more

Historical Consistency and Stability

Using a diversified approach that goes beyond stocks and bonds, Nicola Wealth’s historic results have been achieved by focusing on generating consistent and stable cash flow. Learn more

In-House Real-Estate Team: Nicola Wealth has two decades of experience investing in commercial properties throughout North America and across several asset types. From multi-family housing in the U.S., to industrial properties in the GTA, their real estate portfolios complement Nicola Wealth’s diversified approach. Learn more

Access to Private Investments: Investing in opportunities that are uncorrelated to the public markets has helped Nicola Wealth grow and protect their clients’ portfolios. These opportunities provide access to private deals not normally available to the retail investor, including private equity, private debt, farmland, infrastructure, and renewable resources, which are made accessible using an evergreen fund structure that facilitates access and additional liquidity (with some restrictions) for clients. Learn more

How Nicola Wealth Benefits LFG Clients

Nicola Wealth is an ideal partner because of their commitment to client service, transparency, and our shared goal of protecting your legacy and family.

Comprehensive and Holistic Planning: Their team of Advisors perform a rigorous assessment of your entire financial picture, identifying gaps and seeking to uncover ways to integrate the many parts of your financial life, with the aim of minimizing tax and maximizing benefit. Learn more

Clear, Consolidated, and Transparent Reporting: Using a reporting infrastructure developed in-house by Nicola Wealth’s own technology team, you’ll be provided with quarterly reports and a private online access website that will aggregate your accounts and allow you to view your entire portfolio in one place, giving you look-throughs to useful information such as your investment cash flow, year-over-year performance since inception, and drill down capability to individual transactions. Learn more

Advisor Partner Integration: Nicola Wealth ensures their clients’ other advisors such as Levine Financial group as well as your accountants and lawyers, are consulted and integrated into the planning process, ensuring everyone understands your needs, wishes, and the best ways to implement them. Learn more

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