RBC Medical School Offer - 25% discount

RBC Medical Student Offer – 25% discount

The RBC Medical Student offer is the most comprehensive disability plan in the marketplace for medical students, residents and fellows.

– No medical underwriting
– 10% discount – no medical required
– 25% discount with a medical
– Own occupation definition of disability
– Cost of living adjustment
– Future income option up to $25,000/month
– Conversion to long term care coverage
– $100,000 critical illness insurance as secondary protection
– One page enrollment form

How much disability insurance are medical students eligible for with the RBC Medical Student offer?
It depends on what year of study you are in.
– Year 1-2 – $2,000/month
– Year 3 – $3,000/month
– Year 4 – $4,500/month

What is the discount?
10% discount
 and up to 12 months free with no medical.
25% discount and up to 5 months free with a medical.

How much disability insurance are residents and fellows eligible for with the RBC Medical Student offer?
Residents qualify for up to $4,500/month. Fellows qualify for up to $8,500/month. Residents and fellows can get up to 5 months free.

How do I enroll without a medical?
Complete the application and return by email to info@levinefinancialgroup.com with a void cheque. Once we get your application, we will call you to confirm your details. RBC will draft the first month premium and then the free coverage starts. Email your application and void cheque to info@levinefinancialgroup.com or call us at 416-222-1311

How do rates compare across various brokers?
Rates are setup by RBC Insurance directly so everyone has the same rates. If you are seeing a different rate, you are missing something in your quote.

What makes Levine Financial Group different then other brokers?
We are licensed across the country and are the only brokers that have been endorsed by 19 different medical groups.

Want to setup an appointment to discuss the insurance options and plan setup?
Email info@levinefinancialgroup.com or call us at 416-222-1311