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Health Spending Accounts

A health spending account is an alternative to a traditional group insurance plan for a corporation or non corporate client. It is established to pay for healthcare expenses for you and your dependent family members. HSA’s are tax-free accounts and you decide how much you want or need to contribute. If you don’t have a traditional group insurance plan or have expenses not covered by your group insurance, consider setting up a HSA for you or your corporation.

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We are pleased to offer the FlexCare and FollowME health insurance options from Manulife.

FlexCare offers flexible and comprehensive coverage with dental and drug coverage or a combination of both of these. You can customize your plan for your individual and/or family needs.

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For travel outside your home province or Canada choose:

  • an Emergency Medical Plan that provides coverage for an unexpected medical emergency during your trip; or
  • the Travel Canada Plan that provides emergency medical benefits at half the premium when all your travel is within Canada; or
  • an All-Inclusive Plan if your plans include pre-paid travel arrangements. Includes Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay, and Flight and Travel Accident. Or you can purchase the Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance separately.

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