OMA Insurance SLASHES its’ Annual Premium Refund- AGAIN!

For the past 10 years OMA Insurance has been advertising its not for profit status and the annual premium refund on various insurance products. Refunds are paid in December of each year. 

For the first time in 10 years, the OMA did not publish the annual premium refunds on their website.

As of June 2021, OMA Insurance announced.

  1. Group term life insurance – rebate has dropped from 70% to 20%  
  2. Office overhead -refund has dropped from 75% to 20%
  3. Group disability insuranceOMA has reduced the refund on group disability insurance to 0%.
    In June 2021, OMA insurance announced an increase on their group disability insurance rates which increased rates on average 22%.



You deserve better.  

When doing a comparison across insurance, we will review your policy provisions and cost differences after OMA refund by product and make the appropriate recommendations.

At Levine Financial Group, we save physicians money on their insurance.

  • – Disability insurance – up to 25% discount
  • – Critical illness insurance – up to 10% discount 
  • – Term life insurance – up to 25% savings
  • – Whole life insurance with a 6% dividend interest rate 
  • – Long term care coverage 

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