Protecting Physicians and their families since 1967.

Physician discounts

As the preferred insurance provider for 19 Ontario Medical Associations, our most important asset is our expertise and experience with Physicians. Since 1967, we have specialized in dealing with Physicians’ insurance, tax, wealth and estate planning issues. Consider…

If you had a Cardiac issue would you see your Family Physician or would you see the Cardiac Surgeon who has performed more bypass operations than anyone else in the country? 

If you had a herniated disc, would you go to a Chiropractor or would you see the Orthopaedic Surgeon who has performed more than 1000 disc surgeries?

At Levine Financial Group we save physicians money on their insurance. 

Levine Financial Group has worked with 19 Ontario Medical Associations and Hospitals where we negotiated a discount of 25% on disability insurance, 10% on critical illness insurance, cost savings on term life insurance.

We Save Physicians Money on their insurance.

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