Since 1999, the Ontario Association of Radiologists’ (OAR) insurance program has been proactive in providing Ontario Radiologists with value added insurance services and discounts not available in the insurance marketplace.

Unfortunate events happen; last year, 5 of our colleagues Radiologists, in the prime of their careers died unexpectedly.

One was a Radiologist in his early 50’s who cancelled his life insurance and died two weeks later. His claim was brought to the insurer by the OAR insurance program and while not obligated to pay, the insurer paid the claim because the Radiologist had an OAR insurance policy. The OAR insurance program has critical mass, influence and is there for Radiologists’ and their families in a time of need.

In June, the OAR surveyed members and the results showed …

  • 80% of Young Radiologists (those in their first 10 years of practice), 72% of Mid-Career Radiologists (those in year 11-20 of practice) indicated they wanted to increase their insurance and/or felt they were under insured.
  • 66% of Senior Radiologists (21+ years in practice) did not appreciate the corrosive effect of tax pertaining to their estate, the tax burden on the shares of their corporations and the high tax erosion on the distribution of their hard-earned corporate investments to their heirs/beneficiaries.
  • 76% of Radiologists said they would be interested in an opportunity to upgrade their life insurance.

Radiologists can apply for up to $750,000 of Ten Year Term Insurance OR Permanent Life Insurance.

  • Up to age 59 can apply for $750,000
  • Age 60-65 can apply for $500,000
  • Age 66-69 can apply for $250,000
  • Rates are standard rates; in most cases less than OMA group life ins. (even after OMA rebate).
  • No Medical tests required. *
  • Applications must be received by October 31 2018.
  • ONLY a 1 page questionnaire.
  • NO blood or urine required.
  • NO visit from a doctor or nurse. 
Members have praised the OAR for the foresight to construct an insurance program beneficial to all with innovative offerings that are unavailable in the marketplace. This is an opportunity to allow Radiologists to re-visit their life insurance and estate planning needs with limited medical questions, competitive pricing, a term or permanent insurance solution and no medical tests.
No other medical group has a similar life insurance offering and we are proud of this achievement.

Below are links to questions and answers, cost and a link to the application.

This offer is only  available to Radiologists through the OAR insurance program.

Questions and answers




* If you answer yes to the medical questions on the application, Sun Life will underwrite your eligibility for insurance which may result in a standard or rated policy or a declined application. Applicants will receive a policy once their application has been accepted by Sun Life. If you have used tobacco in the past 12 months, smoker rates will apply