COVID-19- NO MEDICAL – Life, Disability and Critical illness insurance

With COVID-19, Physicians have been reflecting on what they have and their insurance needs and some have asked how they can increase their insurance. 

Due to COVID-19, we have arranged a no medical (no blood, urine, doctor or nurse visit) insurance offer as follows:


  • Up to age 50 can apply for $1,000,000
  • Age 51-60 can apply for up to $300,000
  • Age 61-70 can apply for up to $99,000
  • Rapid underwriting
  • Term insurance, universal life insurance or participating whole life insurance earning a 6.25% dividend interest rate


  • Up to age 40 can apply for $250,000
  • Age 41-50 can apply for $100,000.
  • Age 51-55 can apply for $50,000
  • Coverage to age 75
  • Discount – 10% discount


  • Up to age 50 can apply for up to $8,000/month.
  • Age 51+ can apply for up to $2,500/month
  • Total, partial and residual disability coverage
  • Own occupation definition of disability
  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Future income option with up to $25,000/month benefit
  • HIV, HEP B&C Coverage
  • Conversion to long term care coverage
  • Discount – 25% discount

Apply here

Call 416-222-1311 or email info@levinefinancialgroup.com

Thank you
To all physicians, thank you for your extraordinary efforts with COVID-19. We appreciate everything you do to keep us all safe and healthy during this trying time. We understand this is an uncertain time for you, your family and your patients; we are here to support you in whatever way we can.