Buying insurance is not like buying a loaf of bread. There are many options and intricacies that you need to consider; only an insurance expert understands these nuances.
Only Levine Financial Group is endorsed/approved by 19 Ontario Medical Associations and Hospitals.
With over 4,000 physicians as clients and 50+ years in business, we understand physicians better than anyone else in the insurance marketplace.
When you buy a participating whole life insurance policy with us, we report back to you on a yearly basis showing you how your plan is performing relative to your initial goals and objectives.
We take pride in helping you and your family during a difficult period of time.
Our team will show you how to use insurance to defer tax while you are alive and how to eliminate tax once you pass away.
Levine Financial Group created a 25% discount on disability insurance, a 10% discount on critical illness insurance and a no medical offer for life and disability insurance exclusively for physicians.
We are a family owned business. Unlike advisors at investment firms, MD management or a bank, we own our business and that means your advisor will be here to serve you in the future.
Our day starts when your day starts. Whether it’s outside the OR before you operate, meeting at the ICU or radiology reporting area, we are available to see you when it works for you.

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