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Private Wealth Management

For clients with over $1,000,000 in investments, we refer clients to Nicola Wealth (NW) for private wealth management. With over $12 Billion in assets, NW has evolved to become one of Canada’s fastest growing private investment counsel firms with offices in Vancouver and Toronto.

Why NW?
We started referring clients to NW over 10 years ago because they are the best at what they do. NW offers integrated financial planning, they have over a 99% retention rate and their portfolios are designed for consistent and stable returns with low fees.

How do they invest?
NWM has private investment pools which are designed to be cost effective (low fee) and highly diversified with a focus on generating stable cash flow.

Their track record is excellent and they have outperformed the traditional balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds with offerings including commercial real estate, private equity, mortgages, hedge funds and equity and fixed income.

What makes NW Different?
The NWM investment philosophy is to minimize tax and maximize returns with a focus on cash flow investing. Performance and stability are of paramount importance.

Does NW do financial planning?
YES. NWM has a full team of financial, tax and estate planners which will map out where you need to be to reach your goals.

What type of reporting can I expect?
As a client you can log into your portfolio. Perhaps more important, each NW advisor has a limited number of clients which means that you can be assured that they know you and your family and will be in constant contact with you.

Will NW work with my accountant and tax advisor at tax time?
YES. NWM will work with your tax and accountant team to make sure they are utilizing the appropriate planning tools and that they have all appropriate tax receipts and paperwork for your personal and corporate returns.

Do we personally invest with Nicola Wealth?
YES. Elliott and his family have been clients of NW for since 2008 and have been very happy with the level of service, expertise and portfolio performance.

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